Back to Life

The past few weeks I’ve taken a bunch of time off work. Some to sit around and relax. Some for special events. Some to fly away from Ohio and visit new places. All were good. There is nothing like taking time to relax, regroup and see things you haven’t seen before.

A lot of times you hear people talk about how hard it is to go back to the grind of work after a vacation. Today I’m finding myself in quite the opposite state of mind. I was expecting to get to work and feel an overwhelming sense of ugh to be stuck back at my desk. Instead I feel refreshed and ready to tackle anything.

For a while now I have been struggling to get motivated and stick to any sort of daily routine. Too much time on the couch and trudging through daily life just made it harder and harder to make any real changes. But now I feel like all the time off and mini adventures has wiped the slate clean. And I feel great about all the possibilities for change and adventures right here at home.

I’m daydreaming about days at local beaches on the lake, day trips to some of the cute little islands and of course, the parks. The valley is calling and I can’t wait for the upcoming weekend. My calendar is free and I excited spend some time on shady trails. Hopefully I will be able to get up early and make this happen before the heat of the day makes it miserable to be outside for hours at a time. I hear temps are going to get above 90, and with Ohio’s humidity that can make for some sweaty exhausting hikes.

It’s great to feel optimistic and energized again! I hope I can make this feeling last.


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