Sometimes It’s Good To Indulge

Sephora just opened up shop in my neck of the woods. I knew it was dangerous so I avoided it like the plague. But after a not so great couple of days and a general feeling of unnecessary yet overwhelming anxiety I said screw it. The plan was to stock up on some basics and not get roped in by all the pretty pretties lining the shelves.

But then a little voice inside my head told me to stop being so sensible and just treat myself to something really special. I usually try to ignore the little voices in my head, but on this occasion I let them lead the way.

Enter my new favorite makeup thing:


I’ve never been a fan of lipstick. Chapstick, yes. Lipstick, no. It just feels all wrong and gross. But lately I’ve been experimenting with lip stains. Most are crap that taste like a chemical wasteland and wear off in about 20 minutes.

This stuff however…AMAZING. It’s super sheer so it just gives a tiny pop of color. Add on a few layers and it glams up for that “hey I’m wearing makeup” look.

I was skeptical of using it as a cheek stain fearing it would make me look like a rag doll with big pink dots on my cheeks. But with a bit of advice from Sephora’s bomb ass makeup artists (and a new and much loved arsenal of makeup brushes) I think I’ve got the hang of it. Blended properly it gives just enough color without actually being noticeable.  I am officially swearing off all powder blushes.

Did I mention I also may have splurged on some new makeup brushes? LeSigh. This is where the “indulgence” part really kicks in. Makeup brushes, they are expensive, but oh-so worth it. Especially my new foundation brush. I swear the thing is made of unicorn hair or something. I’ve never had a foundation brush that blends so perfectly. They call it the airBrush, and it too is pure amazing. It also does double duty applying the cheek stain – hence the lack of big red dots on my face.

Did I really NEED any of this stuff? No. But sometimes you have to do something special for yourself and indulge a little to remember not everything in life is a total crap sandwich.

Be good to yourself.
Be good to others.
And remember, nothing goes better with a total crap sandwich like a margarita and a smile.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes It’s Good To Indulge

  1. I really like BeneTint too, but I think it tastes a bit weird and chemically — so I usually only use it on my cheeks. Sephora’s house-brand lip stain is slightly better, IMO.

  2. All I can smell in the BeneTint is the rose scent they add, and that part seems to wear off pretty quick. Do you use the Lush Flush or the Cream? I tried the cream and it wore of in a hot minute…and felt all gloopy and lipstick like.

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